About Us

Renting an office should be as simple as reserving a night in a hotel

Why Deskeo?

Find your serviced office in Paris is very easy ! We believe that renting an office should be simple and affordable. As simple as reserving a night in a hotel, or getting close to that.

At Deskeo we believe that the process of searching an office, fitting and furnishing takes too much time away from what really matters : your core business.

At Deskeo we feel that security deposits are significant amounts of funds which should be invested in your business instead of being locked up.

That’s why, here at Deskeo, we deliver turnkey office solutions, which are flexible and suited to your business needs, from coworking and meeting rooms to private and serviced office in Paris. We help you save time and limit your investments allowing you to focus and invest in your business.

Ready to work and serviced offices

Creating an inspiring and productive office environment requires a few basic credentials:

● High Speed Internet

● Quality furniture selected by specialized architects

● Fully equipped meeting rooms,

● Printing equipment,

● Cleaning service,

● Common spaces and kitchens to relax and connect with neighbors

● And, of course, good espresso, « what else » ?

And if you need additional services such as a virtual office (domicilation), IT support or conciergerie, don’t hesitate to ask us. Our teams and partners will help you out.

In short, Deskeo will set up and manage your office. You just need to bring your teams and computers and you can start working.


The world is changing quickly and so are the needs of today’s businesses. Whether small business or large enterprise everyone needs to adapt constantly to remain performant. Traditional rental solutions, however, are rigid and inflexible. That’s where Deskeo has developped an innovative and flexible model which enables our clients to adapt quickly.

● No long term lease obligation

● Possibility to rent for one month, one year or longer

● Options to increase or reduce your space

Deskeo is eliminating the complexity in office rental and provides adaptive solutions to your business needs.

The right price

Renting an office can become one of the biggest investments a company can make. Before making the first step into a new space, you will easily pay the equivalent of one year in rent: three months for the broker, six months in security deposits, and the remainder for fitting and furniture. Imagine how these funds would boost your business if invested in your core projects.

Deskeo will limit your investments by mutualizing costs and putting our operational expertise to your advantage: We propose our serviced office in Paris :

● Without broker fees

● Including office and property tax

● Without installation charges

● At very competitive prices, starting at 150€ for a desk and 350€ for a private office

● And only one month of security deposit

In a nutshell, chosing Deskeo is chosing to invest in your business!


Where will you meet your future business partner? At the coffee machine, in the elevator or through Deskeo’s social network? We believe that find offices Paris is not only a place where you do your work but ideally where you build relationships.

To facilitate networking Deskeo connects all of its members through an internal social network where you can meet new business partners and clients. We also organise events from social gatherings with our clients to meetings with industry experts and exhibitions with local artistes. When you join Deskeo you join a large network of businesses just like yours.

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